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In any graphical application, there are two major components, Frontend & Backend. If you are building a new application, you would probably use a framework or library like Angular or React to write a powerful Frontend application, you would use another framework like Express.js, Django or Spring to write a powerful Backend application and along with that, you would use a database service like MongoDB, PostgreSQL or MySQL. …

If I think about writing web applications in NodeJS, the Express framework immediately comes to my mind. For a really long time, the Express framework has been the most widely used framework in NodeJS with more than 10 million downloads per week from the NPM registry. In this article, we’ll go through creating a REST application that uses the Express framework, written in TypeScript, and runs on NodeJS.


My quest began by searching for some REST API projects that use the Express framework. Surprisingly, I was not able to find any such projects but I did find this TypeScript-Node-Starter repository…

If we talk about application development in Python, most people would think about Flask and Django. These two frameworks are the most widely used frameworks in Python. Now, there is a new framework available called “FastAPI”, which is extremely powerful and very easy to learn and it might become even more popular than Flask and Django. This framework was developed by Sebastián Ramírez in late 2018 and has been continuously under development ever since.

FastAPI logo
FastAPI logo


For writing application backend, I have always used the Flask framework. And so far my experience with Flask has been just fine, its a pretty simple…

A couple of years ago I was assigned a task to implement an application feature that allows users to switch between application icons. The application was built using React-Native so my solution was to write an open-source library called react-native-change-icon.


I began by using the react-native-create-library tool to create a template that provided me with the basic file and directory setup which includes the required Java classes for Android and Objective-C modules for iOS. Now you might think that I must be mad skilled at writing code in Java and Objective-C but that far away from the truth. …

“JavaScript” for web, mobile, and now, desktop applications too
“JavaScript” for web, mobile, and now, desktop applications too

Its been a few days since I came upon a project to build a desktop application. I have worked on web and mobile applications in the past using React and React-Native but this was something new. Long ago, I heard about a framework that allows us to create multi-platform desktop applications in JavaScript and I thought to myself that this should be used for this project. That framework was “Electron”!

Electron applications run on two threads, main and renderer. The main thread uses Electron APIs to communicate with the OS to perform native desktop application operations. The renderer thread is…

Surya Kant Bansal

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